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        Cedar-sponsored table tennis game came to a great success

        On May 22, “China Journalists Association ? Cedar Cup” Table Tennis Group Invitational Tournament kicked off in National Olympic Sports Center in Beijing. Altogether 35 teams from Beijing Press Circle participated in the tournament.

        Government officials from Government Administration of Sport of China and Olympic champion Ding Ning showed up in the opening ceremony. Ding Ning sent all the team players best wishes on behalf of Chinese Table Tennis Association and played the first round of game against Cao Jianjie, the representative of players.

        After fierce competition through two days, the CMG team won the team title, followed by the National Radio and Television Administration team securing the second place and the Xinhua News Agency team obtaining the third place.

        As the title sponsor of this game, Cedar set up an energy refuel booth for the players. Apart from food and beverage supplements, Cedar prepared “Mini table tennis challenge” and “Eagle-eyed technology experience” and other interactive games for players to have a fun during breaks. Cedar’s strong logistics support is vital to the success of the event.

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