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        Trust: Value loyalty above all.

        Draw strengths from oversight mechanism and skepticism.

        Every one of us in Cedar Holdings and our partners have rights, responsibilities and obligations to report any questionable or allegedly unethical and unlawful conducts and fraud activities to Auditing & Supervision Department of Cedar Holdings.

        Anyone submitting a complaint or question is encouraged to provide true information, appropriate details of the allegedly or questionable unethical or illegal behaviour and valid evidence so that we can conduct comprehensive investigation.

        Integrity Platform
        Please contact us through the following





        Auditing & Supervision Department

        14F, Cedar Centre

        No. 2511, Kaichuang Avenue

        Huangpu District


        Unethical and Illegal Conducts

        Take bribes, kickbacks or any secret payments;

        Involve in assets misappropriations, embezzlement or expense reimbursement frauds;

        Establish hidden reserves or off-book accounts with the company’s funds;

        Accept invitation from business partners to banquets, travel or luxurious entertainment without permission;

        Leak information acquired from the job on purpose;

        Abuse power, commit malfeasance, violate system or processes, and cause heavy losses or negative impacts on the company;

        Cause harms to the company’s interests in other forms.

        Rewards for The Informants

        If the grounds for gross misconducts or crimes are established through investigations, the informant will receive a cash reward ranging from ¥10,000 to 100,000. Extra rewards will be given if the informant helps recover the financial losses for the company.

        Protection of the Informants

        The company will protect the lawful rights and interests of the informant and take the strictest actions against any form of retaliation, retribution or unfair treatment on the informant.

        For specific information, please refer to “Rewards and Protection Measures for Anti-Fraud and Whistleblowing Practices”

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