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        We uphold our values - "Create, Share and Love", which has guided our efforts in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and engaging in the public welfare delivery ever since we were founded. We established Cedar Foundation and proposed three-pronged guidelines - micro public welfare, direct charity, and preserve beneficiaries' dignity. We persist in public benefit activities including poverty alleviation and donations to schools.

        At the moment, Cedar Foundation takes shaping sustainable and green future as its core priority, doubles down in targeted poverty alleviation, green supply chain, culture preservation, community care and education.

        Looking forward, we will further grow our public service business based on Cedar Foundation. As a non-profit organization, Cedar Foundation will subject the social welfare projects under Cedar Holdings to specialized operation by applying commercial management, and business operation onto public services. The foundation will take a business approach to drive the sustainable development of public welfare activity, maximizing the values of public welfare projects, social progress and the possibility of a better life.

        Cedar Holdings
        In Cedar We Shine – Cedar Sustainability
        Development Report

        In Cedar We Shine - Cedar Sustainability Report 2019-2020, centered on “light and shine” as its theme, gives an overview of how Cedar, as a Fortune Global 500 company, fulfilled its social responsibility in the past 12 months and communicates Cedar’s values - create, share and love.

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        • Poverty
        • Rural
        • Aids
          for Farmers
        • Culture
        Goat City Middle School built by Cedar gives hope to children in poverty

        In 2019, Cedar Holdings decided to help build Goat City Middle School to give local children from poor household access to education during relocation. It took a whole year to finish the construction. On August 12, 2020, Cedar delivered the school to the Education & Technology Bureau of Zhijin County and the school was put into use shortly after.

        Cedar Holdings became the most influential Guangzhou charity giver

        On 26 December, 2019 Greater Bay Social Influence · Charity Gala was held in Canton Tower. The 2019 Guangzhou Charity Giver List and 2019 Guangzhou Charity Influencer List were published. Cedar Holdings was selected to be one of the Top 10 Guangzhou Charity Givers, and also “the Most Influential Guangzhou Charity Giver".

        Guizhou Provincial Party and Government delegation visited Guangdong and Cedar Holdings

        On behalf of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Guizhou Provincial Government and people in Guizhou, Sun Zhigang expressed his gratitude for Guangdong's long-standing support to Guizhou.

        Cedar Holdings was awarded the Model of Poverty Alleviation in Guizhou

        Recently, winners of 2019 Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Prize was announced by the Guizhou Poverty Alleviation Leading Team. Altogether 154 organizations and 267 people received the prize. Cedar Holdings is one of them.

        Cedar Courses were set up

        Cedar Holdings signed agreements with 4 colleges including Bijie Vocational and Technical College and Guizhou University of Engineering Science, to set up 19 Cedar Courses in subjects such as property management, chemical engineering and technology. Over 700 students are planned to be admitted, with 560 of them will come from the poor background.

        Cedar built Vocational Skills Training Base

        Cedar Holdings and Cedar Foundation launched the construction of Bijie-Guangzhou Human Resources Development Base in Bijie. Once finished, it can accommodate 3,000 people for vocational training and certification that covers 3 categories and 28 sub-categories of skills and techniques.

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