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        • Commodities Group
        • Commodities Supply Chain Group
        • Chemical Group
        • Copper Group
        • Industry Investment Group
        • Cedar International Trust
        • Cedar Commodities Group

          As Cedar Commodities Group actively participates in global mineral industry development, it has acquired mineral resources across the globe. Through establishing strategic resources reserves and in-depth industrial cooperation in many places, Cedar Commodities Group endeavors to provide the global market with stable resources-based products, fighting for a bigger say for China in the global commodities market.

        • Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group

          Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group has become a Chinese comprehensive commodities service provider. By drawing on its years of experience and industry insights, Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group has expanded its business activities to cover the entire commodities value chain, including mining & procurement, commodities trade, supply chain services provision, advanced manufacturing and products distribution as well as logistics & warehousing. Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group trades a wide range of commodities including non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, and energy products. Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group offers targeted and effective financial services of industrial chain, delivering greater efficiency of the chain and cost effectiveness to customers.

          Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group sticks to the customer-first principle with a zero-default record for years. Serving thousands of corporations around the world, Cedar Commodities has established business presence in Asia, Europe and America. The company keeps exploring new service patterns in order to improve the efficiency across the commodities supply chain and reinforce the foundation of the real economy. Cedar Commodities Supply Chain Group is working towards win-win results together with our global clients in the unpredictable market.

        • Cedar Chemical Group

          Cedar Chemical Group focuses on R&D of new chemical materials technology and advanced manufacturing. Qixiang Tengda (002408.SZ), the backbone enterprise of chemical industry under Cedar Holdings, set several world records in the fine chemical industry. It is the world's largest producer of methyl ethyl ketone and maleic anhydride. Qixiang Tengda ranked 322nd on the 2020 Fortune China 500 and 311st on Top 500 China Private Enterprise with RMB 30.057 billion in total revenue.  

          Qixiang Tengda has marched into the international chemical supply chain, strengthened the cooperation on technology research and development with world's chemical leaders and worked on technology breakthroughs in key areas. Qixiang Tengda is well on its way to become a world-class company covering the whole chemical industrial chain all the way from raw materials, supply chain to “Verbund sites”.


        • Cedar Copper Group

          By drawing Cedar Holdings’ incumbent advantage in the copper industry, Cedar Copper Group focuses on advanced manufacturing of copper-based new materials. Cedar Copper Group owns one of the largest enameled wire and copper rod manufacturer in Southern China. The manufacturer boasts top-notched R&D strengths and manufacturing processes of high-end materials including fine-enameled wire which are widely used in 5G industrial chain, new energy vehicles, smart appliances ad other high-end equipment manufacturing sectors.

        • Cedar Industry Investment Group

          As a key platform of industry investment and operation of Cedar Holdings, Cedar Industry Investment Group brings together industry investment & incubation, comprehensive urban development and supporting services, as well as asset-light model. Cedar Industry Investment Group has over 20 years’experience in development & operation of city complex, town of interests, and all-for-one tourist destinations.

          The group senses and catches the opportunities presented by Belt and Road initiative and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. The group taps into our comprehensive industrial resources, operation experience and industrial chain capability, focuses on industrial investment and starts from city-industry integration projects. By introducing and incubating industry clusters and emerging forms of business, the group aims at accelerating the industrial structure upgrade, enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of a city, and driving its quality and sustainable development. Industry investment covers urban renewal, new industry-based city, infrastructure construction, public facilities construction, high-tech business incubation and industrial development service.

        • Cedar International Trust

          Cedar International Trust is the main supply chain financial service platform of Cedar Holdings. With its predecessor founded in June, 1981, Cedar International Trust is a non-bank financial institution approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission. After changing its name in June, 2019, Cedar International Trust has entered into a new strategic period.

          As a customer-oriented organization, Cedar International Trust insists in serving the real economy with more efficiency and efficacy. This is how Cedar International Trust creates more values for its clients, sector and the society.

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