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        ABOUT US

        Founded in 1997, Cedar Holdings is a Guangzhou based private enterprise listed on Fortune Global 500 and a commodities industry leader. We ranked 296th on 2020 Fortune Global 500, with $41.2 billion in total revenue.

        We are dedicated to building a world-leading commodities conglomerate. With “Limited Resources, Unlimited Values” as our corporate vision, we value limited resources and create unlimited values. Inspired by a new round of technology revolution and industrial reform, we are trying to cover every segment of the commodities supply chain. While focusing on commodities resources and supply chain services, we aim to explore new grounds in new materials and technology. While making continuous efforts in developing fine chemicals, new metal materials and commodities, we work on industry investment and its supporting services. We own Cedar International Trust and two A-listed companies - Qixiang Tengda (002408.SZ) and Sinoer (002485.SZ). Headquartered in Guangzhou, we have branches covering Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, France and the U.S., as well as offices spreading across Asia, Europe and Africa.

        We insist on doing business of integrity and giving back to the society through Cedar Foundation. To foster a sustainable life in the future, we are committed ourselves to targeted poverty alleviation, green supply chain, culture preservation, community care and education. We, together with our partners and staff, are well on our way to create a cycle of shared love, making our life greener and better.

        After two decades, our business is booming. As one of the most promising private enterprises that emerged from reform and opening-up in China, we stick to our mission - “Insist on Industrial Development and Value Creation for Our Country and Society”. Focusing on commodities as our core business, we strive to reinforce the foundation of manufacturing and create values for our global clients.

        Fortune Global  500          No.   296  
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